Monday, 11 September 2017

Proof of life!?


Very much like Lord Awdry over at 28mm Victorian Warfare, I am finding myself incredibly busy with the start of the new school-year. While I have been painting some figures, a lot of time goes into other, work related, stuff.

Even so I managed to finished these Prussian Landwehr troops. They are white metal 20mm figures which are the stretchgoals of HäT industries second crowdfunder project. I was lucky to get a few early to put some paint on them. Great little sculpts and they paint up nicely.

From left to right they depict:

A surgeon, ADC, sapper and officer.

Cheers Sander

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Hero Quest Part V


Meet Skulkar the evil sorcerer included in the starter box. He really reminds me of Skeletor from the he-Man/ Masters of the Universe franchise.

I really like him and the way I painted him is to represent Skeletor. Now I have also bought 2 of GW's Empire Battlewizard boxes because the boy likes to play a Fire/ Bright wizard and I want to create some more wizards as  special scenario characters. Next up is a re-basing of the Gargoyle. When I got it, the sword had broken as well as one of the wings. I re-attached them and cleaned up the seems. I also rebased it since I thought this base looked more impressive.

As you can plainly see, the Gargoyle is still only based not painted yet. This is mainly due to the fact that I do not know what scheme to choose. Some more research is clearly what's needed.

Cheers Sander

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Hero Quest Part IV


Today I have some more of the bad guys to show you. The skeletons and goblins shown here are the lesser of the evil troops. In game, they are really easy to get rid of but they can also be lucky and that means Heroes in trouble. Mostly they come in great numbers so I will be looking out for some old skool GW plastic skellies in the future.

 One of each of these species has a Renedra base, I used these to try out whether it looked better than the original bases. The verdict: they don't

Cheers Sander

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Hero Quest Part III


Some scenery for you all to look at today. I have tried to get some paint on the HQ weaponrack from the box, I painted a gate from the Warhammer Quest box game that I got in my Starter box and the tomb which I remodelled to have a Renedra plastic side instead of paper.

Some more baddies are awaiting me now.

Cheers Sander

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Scatter scenery


Taking a break from Hero Quest, I have painted up some scatter scenery for different skirmish games. The first of these are TTCombat Back Alley junk stuff, in this case a washing machine and some mattresses, mostly for the modernish themed games of course.

These boxes and foodstuffs are from Ristuls Market and will feature in my Indian Mutiny and other games. 

So on to painting more Hero Quest miniatures.

Cheers Sander

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Hero Quest Part II


Now on to some more Hero Quest figures, I have finished some of the meanies. While not the very best figures detail-wise they have a charm entirely unto themselves. Let's start this one with some of the Undead. In the core set are included some Fimir, Orcs (I still have to paint them), goblins, zombies, mummies and skeletons as the footsoldiers of the Evil Overlord Morcar, represented by his minion Skulkar (the wizard in the box) and the Gargoyle looking quite a bit like a Bloodthirster or even a Balrog.

Oh well so here are my two mummies.

Followed by the box's two zombies.


Next will be the skeletons and some of the greenskins. The internet has quite a lot of downright brilliant websites, I must do a post on them soon!

Cheers Sander

Friday, 4 August 2017

Hero Quest Part I


OK, so after me moaning along for an hour or so last post, I think it's time to put the paint on the metal or plastic.

So first up are the booklets I managed to scrounge from the interwebs. I have a Hero Quest starter box and both the "Kellar's Keep" and "Return of the Witchlord" expansions, all in Dutch. They are mostly complete but no important parts are missing.

In the meantime I have also ordered a box of "Advanced Hero Quest" (without the miniatures), an Ebay lot containing most of the AHQ miniatures and a small lot of 4 old Warhammer figures to use as heroes.

Yeah I am in this bigtime...

From the get go I started painting up the mini's of the core game and here are the first of them in the form of the heroes.

The Barbarian had his sword broken with the blade missing. So I put on a new blade and coated him, but he's not yet finished.

For a time I have played with the idea of replacing the bases for the new Renedra Frostgrave stone bases but after some trials with a Skellie and Goblin I do think I will keep the original figures on their bases and put all new figures that I will use for HQ on the Renedra bases.

Now on to more painting of figures and scenery, cheerio!